AmperArt: new series by me, free posters for you

 amperart: sunny&hotAmperArt is my latest fine art project (although purists don’t consider posters or the use of typography as fine art, but since I can’t draw it’s art to me). AmperArt is a series of typographic design, featuring the almighty ampersand flanked by common phrases such as “hot & cold,” “big & tall,” “sweet & sour.” Each graphic will be enhanced with a relevant image and color. I was going to start the series with “black & white” but it’s summer, and it is most definitely “sunny & hot” outside. (I enjoyed the rays on the solstice, Tuesday. The next installment could easily be “burnt & peeling” but I’d rather be thinking about “cold & wet.”

Once I have a few designs ready in the series, I will have them lithographed as miniature posters, offered as a regular mailing. They can be framed in minimalist frames (flat glass or acrylic) and hung as a collage; mounted on a wire grid; hung as a mobile; or used as a decorative applique for a journal. I will illustrate these applications and more.

Sign up here for your free AmperArt collection. I’ll gladly send you these miniature posters as they are created, and I will be honored to hear that you have displayed them in your home or office. Your first AmperArt mini poster will be mailed as soon as it’s off the press.

Sign up here for your free AmperArt collection:

Enjoy the first week of summer!

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  1. Think there’s a small glitch on the ordering of AmperArt.

    When I clicked in the box to mail me the poster, the screen changed to an image of the poster–backing up didn’t help, it changed again…

    I took the check out of the physical mail box and clicked .pdf—it worked then :-)

    • Thank you for pointing that out. I’ll check into it. In the meantime, I’ll manually send you the first in the series.

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